Persistent in love

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 Persistent in love

Over time, regardless of distance, regardless of rank, not only increase. No matter where, parents share of deep concern and thoughts about, give me a calm heart.

Some moved has nothing to do with love, clear days, because of friends, life is beautiful and sunny.

A person in the field these days, feel the warm feelings between friends, when I am sad and worried, they can listen to the quiet, to comfort me, give me understanding; when I am happy, and I can share them, together. Each received a friend's phone greetings, every time I see a friend sent a warm words, there will be warm in the heart filled with.

Yes, a lot of friends, have never met, like elyze the prose in so many lovely friends, we love the same, we use words to express their sense of touch, or those simple affection, or beautiful poetic words let us warm encounter at both ends of the screen, the heart and soul of the resonance, the heart my sincere greetings, let our hearts!

Thank you for this year, met on the Internet so elyze many good friends, whether it can meet. Mind will always miss you, thinking of you! Love, for me, for my family, for my joy joy, friendship, give me warmth and comfort.

Fleeting clouds, time flies, the sun and the moon, and more beautiful, but also a fleeting glimpse of memory. Year to year flat, not only in this life, elyze the true feelings, can always accompany you, warm you! The end of the year, write a mood to themselves, in the quiet years, let the heart indifferent, bearing in mind the most real emotion!

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