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The rain shan leaves be, dust fall on the past;The cloud covered the autumn wild goose, and cover the ten years of moonlight.I opened the window, full hand memories do ring sasha vujacic, pillow Dian cool, residual sway candle, people disappointed... . The path out of the window, the moonlight, will light up.The autumn wind blowing ling gradually, while the viewer into KuangSi: human life much ado, graft has clouded the world.Idle away one's, we begin to slowly found in the process of route to fame and money, we left the human is the most simple happiness.Everyone with a mask of hypocrisy to live in this world, there is smile on her face, the heart has long been riddled with holes.Money and honor in the hearts of people spread slowly, eyes flashed scenes, unable to answer, what is real happiness?And who can know? Rapid brain thinking makes me a little Hong Kong Attractions fidgety, alone took to the streets, bustling and I formed a gap of the street.Sitting alone no one corner, may look back found behind is a pair of mother and daughter, dressed in a worn clothes.Mother looks has experienced the vicissitudes of life, filar silk hair can also obvious in the dark.The girl is a face of innocence, hands clutching a cheap ice cream.While she was extremely excited.It's not hard to find, they are a pair of rubbish.In talking to them I learned: today is the little girl's birthday, mother with a rubbish money in return for a small ice cream.Look at the little girl is excited, bouts of sadness flooded my heart.But at this point, the mother frowning brows loosed.

Look at the back of mother and daughter away gradually lost in the crowd, my heart a quiver, a strange feeling running in my mind.Wandering alone in the empty deep, suddenly see the depths of the alley, a brightly all night, laugh, kbox 120w and people tell me, The true meaning of metamorphoses between, I felt happy.Happiness, like air, actually we never touch, but it has been over everybody nearby.We don't feel happy because we live is not simple;Full of honor with all their money bring us illusory illusion and fleeting "happiness", but this happiness is not real.In fact, we don't have to go to deliberately pursue what, what should not to ask for life, do not have to go to shape the image for the sake of what.Simple life, itself is a kind of happiness.

Don't have to be too pessimistic, notice.When god closes a door for us and will open a window for us.We missed back less than once upon a time, but as long as optimistic, perhaps we meet next is better than losing.Losing is often just allow us to get more. When we missed the flowers, what need to be sad, we will harvest the fruit;When miss the sun, don't depressed, perhaps next second can see the sky bright stars...Pursuit and abandon it is normal for an attitude, should be give up, it Cotaijet is helpless, but a great wisdom.With optimistic face life, in the end will find happiness in fact have been, never left us.

Each and every on heart there is always a cloudy sky, but please believe, the dark clouds above there will be seven colors;Don't go through a cold how would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears of sweet...Survival in positive form, often can accomplish a surprised hon life, perhaps this is the true meaning of happiness.

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