Intoxicating fragrance

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The autumn air, flowers. Open balcony door, breathing the fresh air, stretch hand, feeling the gentle rain. The rain gently inclined long, sparsely, as if people have a "light wind and drizzling rain no need to" happy and comfortable feel. Hand, feeling the cool rain. The rain fine, bit by bit, gently in the dry skin, the skin dry gone for ever, heart trouble also subsided somewhat. Hand, feel the rain affection. The rain xixilili, drifting profusely and disorderly, fell on the palm, subtle as pearl, the poetry of Tang and Song Dynasties, the completion of drizzle embellish heart breath, tasteless, but can feel it's refreshing; see, colorless, but could see its moist like beads.

The past autumn, like this gentle and affectionate, bright and moist, cool and moist heart. This is the fate, a kind of touched you my decreed by fate. The old rain, wet my memories of you, warm happy childhood. Memories of childhood, happy smile. In my childhood, simplicity and nature, freedom and comfortable, happy and carefree spent. With partners to play hide and seek, often red scarf to down eyes, revealing a meet, in the red haze on a so-called "hermit"; the boy next door quietly slipped into the house, beam with joy with deformation steel body swing; Pao Jinping elder sister home after her kittens. Play, like in her yard swing rippling numerous flying and pleasant evening; like beating Aaron's door, pestering him to let me molest pond turtle, climb picking nuts to the roof of his house; love and silly he catching cicadas, catch Mantis; love and smile bright, bright eyes and white teeth skin white, translucent, wearing a purple dress her, under the bright sun dance. The sun gentle breeze, bright, white clouds, green grass, flowers, elegant, with dewdrops, having an antique flavour small courtyard, lived in a few families, the red walls and white tile, surrounded by shade, with sound, the dog ming.

Autumn, in my childhood quietly floating down, drop in the hair, in the glabella, fall in the heart. Rain, let me happy, let my heart be light of heart from care, let me grow up.

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